Do you ever ask yourself how geometry is essential in real life? Or do you think it is a useless concept that should be removed from the math syllabus? The idea may look abstract in class but has many real-life applications. There are a lot of things you enjoy daily, which are products of geometry. The video games you play and the beautiful landscapes and characters you watch on screens are the fruits of geometry. Geometry helps computer designers build a virtual reality.

Geometry has numerous applications in the real world, ranging from architecture, medicine, computer-aided design, physical science, and biology.

You can read through some examples of real-world applications of geometry as shared in this article.

Architecture and CAD

Bore the building’s construction, somebody must design it and give a blueprint of how it should look. Computer-aided design soft where allows the designer to render the virtue building image on the screen. Some CAD program offers a simulation of how the whole building will look like on the ground after construction.

Computer, Video game, and Robotics

Most gamers appreciate speed over the real-life effect of the game. Geometry allows features for both speed and real-life to game programmers. Programmers need geometry to create the path character uses around obstacles simulating a real-world situation.

Video game engines apply geometry in raycasting, which uses a 2-D map in simulating a 3 –d world. The geometry techniques make the process easy because calculations are only essential when calculating the screen’s vertical lines. Robots can see because of the three geometric methods.

Geographic Information System

Geometry is crucial in a global positioning system that needs three coordinates to calculate a locality. The GPS in a piece of satellite equipment applies geometry. Geometry is critical in locating the satellite’s position in the sky, the positioning of the GPS on earth, and identification of the latitudes and altitude.

Space Travel and Maps

Geometry is critical in calculating the solar system, galaxies moving bodies, and stars in space. It facilitates the charting of the trajectory of a space vehicle movement and space’s entry point. Space explorers such as NASA scientists use the applied geometry in computing the vehicle’s journey to Mars. With the technique, they can project the elliptical orbits and the right angle of landing on the planet’s surface and enter the planet’s atmosphere.

Trigonometrical Types

Trigonometry is discipline math that utilizes variables in the determination of distances and heights. There are four categories of trigonometry, which includes analytic, core, plane, and spherical.

Plane trigonometry deals with calculating the angles for a plane triangle. The core category entails ratios between Angles and the sides of a right triangle, while the spherical type calculates a triangle’s Angles on the sphere. On the other hand, analytical trigonometry helps in providing formula about doubles and half the Angles.


Never assume that trigonometry is not useful in real life. It is as essential as other subjects. We need geometrical techniques in very many areas of real life. Without geometry, we could be enjoying video games, locating satellites, and advance our rocket science. Designers depend on trigonometry to produce a beautiful and safe structure. It is a mathematical concept with great versatility in engineering, medicine, space science, and computer science. Those are some of the few among the many real-life situations that need geometrical mathematics, so do not forget about them every time you do my math homework.

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