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Sometimes people just get on your nerves…

The day started off with a visit to Christ church college. Something you should know for when you’re there… you’re not allowed to sit anywhere! There are porters all around who scold you for everything! To my great surprise, after having briefly visited the dining hall and the church, we were told that we could have some free time and were expected to come back for or after lunch. Instead of staying with Dana, who I usually spend time with, I decided to visit the Weston library and go see some colleges with another girl.

If you happen to have time I strongly advise you to go see the exhibits in the Weston Library. The displayed books date back up to the 2nd century and there are some very famous items such as Plato’s Phaeso and the Magna Carta. They also had an interesting exhibition on Shakespeare which I enjoyed.

As far as the colleges are concerned, there is just one thing to say: they’re all beautiful. Every time I walk into one I think that it’s my favourite and at the next I’m confused all over again. When asking about how to choose which college to apply for I was told that you can’t go wrong with colleges. They all have something special to them, which makes the choice very hard for an outsider who doesn’t know them well. They all look very similar, but when you hear students talking about them also very different.

After Lunch I decided to go back and rest a bit because we had what I believed to be four hours of class in the afternoon. We actually thankfully ended a little early, giving me time to rest.

Today in class we studied the legal system of a state which I liked a lot. I always find it fun to compare the different legal systems around the world, though I can’t seem to make up my mind on which I prefer. We had another debate today but this time I found myself to not agree with my team on the arguments we were using to back up out position. Though we were defending consumer rights, which I firmly believe in, I found the argument that they did not interfere with the free market because consumers voluntarily return the products quite weak (the free market is based on both sides). Instead of listening to me when I tried to explain this, the girl I mentioned before refused to let me speak and even refused my request to explain why she thought the argument worked, telling me to just wait for the debate and that it would be clear then. Fair enough, I can be a little stubborn sometimes, but I have taken a lot of economics and philosophy in my life. I know what a free market is! And I was merely worried about the cause because it was an argument that was easy to dismantle. Needless to say that put me in quite a bad mood.

Thankfully my roommate Kimmy was also in quite a bad mood because of a similar reason and by complaining to each other we ended up both in a good mood. Friends are always good for you.

The theatre in the evening was incredible, we went to see Shakespeare’s much ado about nothing and the production was very funny. I had already read the play and liked it, but watching it is always much better.

After today I think I’m going to go to bed early. I’m looking forward to tomorrow, we have another excursion; we’re going to Bath and Stonehenge.

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