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Free time and visit t the Bodleian library!

Today I decided I would not eat eggs and sausage for breakfast anymore. To my delight, fruit and cereal are an option! I just can’t manage sausage at eight in the morning everyday! And I swear I’ve gained at least a kilo since I got here (hmmm… maybe I should stop eating junk food at random hours of the day?)!

The day started off with class. It was incredibly interesting. At the end of the last lesson we had been told to research certain topics related to Trump’s electoral campaign and thank God I did it because we then debated them! The side we chose was casual (we flipped a coin) and brought to some very awkward situations. It was priceless to watch a Palestinian girl defend a wall between the US and Mexico, condemning Islam and terrorism (she is Muslim and was obviously not forced into it but had a lot of fun). This exercise was very useful because it forced us to open our mind to positions we had never considered. This doesn’t mean I changed my mind on abortion or immigration, but having to or listening to people try and defend it (even without believing in it) was very constructive.

After Lunch we had the activity I was very much looking forward to: free time! The weather is really cold here and the already mentioned sweatshirt had become a constant thought. I was actually expecting summer weather, being used to 36°, and only packed two sweatshirts… I actually brought skirts and shorts! If you’re coming and used to heat, don’t make my mistake. The weather is quite literally bipolar, and very chilly.

Anyways, I finally got around to buying the sweatshirt, and not only! I almost bought the whole varsity shop! The highlight of the day came later though, the visit to the Bodleian library.

I love books, I adore them; the tour of the Bodleian Library was incredible. Other than being the forbidden library in Harry Potter, the collection of books there is amazing. They are old, beautiful and fascinating, not to mention the history behind the library is captivating.

I would have had more free time after the tour, but was way too exhausted to hang around in town. I opted for going back to campus and collapsing on my bed to read. I actually didn’t manage to read, as soon as I lay down I fell asleep… at five thirty in the afternoon! That’s how tired I was. And I skipped dinner! Had Kimmy (roommate) not woken me up I would have missed the evening activities too! And that would’ve sucked, because the lecture on life at Oxford was really.

The Oxford system can be really confusing and the woman was very nice (and funny too). She answered everybody’s questions on Oxford and talked to us about the different colleges. Though you can find most of this information online, I don’t think it’s the same as having someone explain it to you.

Time to go to bed now, it’s funny how I always end the days mentally complaining to myself about how tired I am.

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