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Windsor Castle

Today we have our last excursion. As we get closer and closer to the end, I’m beginning to realize this experience is almost over. It definitely makes me feel quite sad.

Today’s excursion was to the Windsor Castle. The Windsor Castle is a beautiful castle in which the Queen sometimes lives. It’s apparently here favourite castle but she wasn’t here today because they had hoisted the Union Jack Flag.

I had slept on the bus ride so was thankfully slightly less tired and ready to walk around. They had also come by asking us if we wanted to sign up for the afternoon tea or the free time in Windsor. Dana wanted to walk around and go shopping, so along with Luiz and Alex we ended up going for the latter.

The Castle is huge! As soon as we arrived we had quick bathroom stops and then started queuing to get in. I guess it’s kind of obvious why, but this place has a lot of security. It took us about an hour to get through queues and security but after that we finally got to enter the castle. The architecture is beautiful and one would never tell that it had been damaged by a fire not so long ago. That year, they had to not tax the Queen’s capital because of the expenses she had caused by that fire.

After walking around a bit with the guide, we were given time to walk around so me and Alessia went to the state apartments. It was incredible. Architecture and rooms aside (which were astonishing and can be considered artwork alone), there is an incredible collection of paintings. And what makes it even better is that a lot of the paintings that were there I knew already because I had studied them, along with the artists. With Alessia I somehow lost myself in the Sir A. Van Dyck room and we were almost late. It was just too beautiful to walk away from (though judging by her reactions to me and Alessia’s squealing over them, I’m guessing Dana wouldn’t agree).

One piece of criticism for cbl is that they can’t not give us more than half an hour to walk around the Windsor castle. There are just too many things to see and it’s not enough time.

We had lunch at the meeting point and the proceeded to going on a boat tour down the river. I love boats and it was really relaxing! I also found out that Alex sails and loves boats as well, so we discussed that a while on the ride.

Remember how I said we all chose free time to go shopping with Dana? Well, we actually lost Dana and Alessia immediately so me, Luiz and Alex just ended up looking for a restaurant (and buying books). The problem was that while we were eating it started pouring so, already late as usual, we couldn’t wait it out and had to run back while it was pouring. Stupid British weather!

It was all in all a fun day and unfortunately one of the last. I hope tomorrow Ana (the law teacher) tells us the results for the presentations.

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