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Bath and Stonehenge

Breakfast started earlier today, because we took a field trip to Bath. Unfortunately, my roomate and I were under the impression that the excursion would be at 8:45, however it started at 8:00, so when we woke up at 7:45 and checked the schedule, we ran as fast as we could with no breakfast. The ... Read More »

Christ Church

  I got off to the day with a rough start. The night before I had to do laundry, and so while waiting I ended up skyping with my friend until very 3 in the morning (time zone differences). I slept though my alarm over 6 times!! At around 8:30 my roommate finally kicked me ... Read More »

First Lecture

Today, June 6th, was our first lecture! After four days of introductory talks, workshops, and tours, we finally got to the learning process of our 2 week program, where we started the courses we selected (PPE, Economics, Natural Science, and Law). The first thing we did after breakfast, was walk to the Margaret Thatcher hall. ... Read More »

Home of William Shakespeare…

It was freezing cold this morning. The counselor told us that this was considered normal weather in the UK, and all the sunshine and cloudless skies were not common here. Most of us gathered around in the lobby wore jackets and jeans (some crazies decided to go for shorts) and stood in small groups chatting. ... Read More »

Tests, lectures, and Museums

All right! I’m running out of ideas of how to start this off so let me get straight to the good stuff. The first class on my calendar for a History elective was the mock interview technique class. The thing is, I already had to interview but it’s good to learn the techniques for future ... Read More »

Much ado about… what?

Today we had classes the first periods, and it was in the same place as yesterday, the old lodge area. Yesterday I said that the place was very old, but I didn’t specify how old it was because I did not know. Now I learned that the whole area was built in the 15th-6th century. ... Read More »


It was quite a day yesterday, and today begins our last week here in Cambridge. It was elective day, essentially meaning that the whole day we would be having classes. It was strange, because we were having classes in the main grounds of Magdalene College in the lodge. It was a cozy place, small and ... Read More »

The Little London: Brighton

A cold breeze blows through the grounds of Magdalene college and the sky is a giant piece of dull iron. It is one of the rare cloudy days here in Cambridge and today we are supposed to go to the beach, but the weather isn’t looking good. Brighton is a city located below London, so ... Read More »

The Grass Rules

Something I thought about recently is the rule in Cambridge about the grass. So, if you are in Cambridge, the only three reasons that you can walk on some college grass is if a) you are a Fellow, b) you are talking to a Fellow, and c) if you are a duck. But this brings ... Read More »

London Field Trip

The entire London Field trip was a blast! We left the campus pretty early, since breakfast started at 7:00. When we finished we brought packed lunch that was a sandwich and an apple. Before we got onto the bus, we separated ourselves in pairs so we could have sort of a buddy system, making sure ... Read More »

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