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A trip to Hogwarts

Today’s natural science classes were about ecology and hydrology – very interesting indeed. Personally, my favourite part was when our teacher drew a system of rivers and water streams on the whiteboard, and we got asked to come up with a proposal about where to put a hydroelectric dam. I can only imagine what it ... Read More »

Finally time for some science!

I have been looking forward to this day ever since I got here. Why? Because, today we got our first Natural Science class! At 8.40 am, we met at the Somerville front lawn. We walked together to S:t Anne’s College, where our Natural Science sessions are held. In order to give us a brief background ... Read More »

London from above

  I have been to London several times before. However, I was looking forward to our trip to the capital of England anyways. We met at 8 am and, before that, we were picking up our packed lunches from the dining hall. The bus trip to London took approximately 2 hours, but the time passed ... Read More »

In the same corridors as great women

    This morning was all about personal statements. The session was held by Adam Barker, D.Phil. student in experimental atomic physics, which is a subject that I find extremely interesting. As I told you in my previous post, I probably want to study some sort of physics and astronomy in the future. Besides, I ... Read More »

First day at OCSA Oxford Session 2

    First days are almost always hard, no matter what they concern. For instance; first day of school or first day at a new job. The first day at OCSA Oxford Session 2 was not easy either, but I had a great time anyway. As far as I know, I am the only one ... Read More »

The Last Day

The Last Day

Aw, today is the last day I spend with all these new friends I made the last two weeks. The table I’m sitting at I am so familiar with. Even the blasting alarm that my phone makes to wake me up in the morning so I won’t be late. All of us are spending plenty ... Read More »


Today is the next-to-last day before we have our final ceremonies and such tomorrow. There is this sense of gloominess hanging in the air, where everyone is savoring their time together for the last time before parting ways across the planet. Final presentations for our courses today, too. My history group worked on them in ... Read More »

Testing and Interviews

We had our final testing today on a full PPE course crammed into one week. Studying was very annoying last night, considering my blog posts got deleted, so I had retype all of them, then work on my Personal Statement, then Study. I had to sleep at four and wake up at 7. At 9 ... Read More »

Bodelian Library

Unfortunately, today I overslept and my roommate did not wake, and so I arrived at class 50 minutes later. Fortunately, I arrived during our break so I did not have to make an awkward appearance. Luckily I bought rice crackers before, so I brought three to class to eat for breakfast. In our lesson today, ... Read More »


Having classes on a Sunday is not a typical thing. But today straight in the morning, I woke up early, ate breakfast, and when the clock ticked 8:30, I was in class. Today in PPE we started reviewing international relations, which is what I was most excited about. Although it was a topic I was ... Read More »

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