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Last day… Farewell

Today, the last day, started with a workshop on interview techniques and mock interviews. It was very useful, or at least it hopefully will be. To actually get an interview means a university needs to like my personal statement (which I’m convinced will never happen) so if I need the techniques it will definitely be ... Read More »

Moot Court and Piano Concert

Today we had our last law elective. It was sad, Ana is a great teacher and I would have liked to have more lessons with her. At the beginning of the lesson we got feedback on our presentations which had all gone quite well, we then had a moot court. She had given us some ... Read More »

Windsor Castle

Today we have our last excursion. As we get closer and closer to the end, I’m beginning to realize this experience is almost over. It definitely makes me feel quite sad. Today’s excursion was to the Windsor Castle. The Windsor Castle is a beautiful castle in which the Queen sometimes lives. It’s apparently here favourite ... Read More »

Exam day

Today was stressful. Today we had the exam. It would have been fine, it seriously would have… had the teacher not told us the presentation was going to be graded. True, I should have know, but I guess it’s one of those things I voluntarily ignored. I just don’t do well in dealing with stress ... Read More »

Botanical Gardens and more…

I am sleeping way too little. Though I’m having fun, I find I actually have barely any time for myself during the day. I haven’t actually been able to read since the beginning of the week! And if I happen to want some time for myself, I just end up giving up on sleeping; definitely ... Read More »

Punting in Oxford

This morning started off great, I was shown a new place I can get decent coffee near college. Thank God as well, I was definitely coffee deprived. Had it not been for that I definitely would have fallen asleep in class. The half Italian part of me is quite definitely enthusiastic about this new revelation, ... Read More »

Excursion Day to Bath and Stonehenge

Today was another excursion day: we went to Bath and Stonehenge. We had to be at the bus by eight fifteen… That’s really early. I didn’t even have time to have breakfast! The bus ride to Stonehenge was about an hour and a half. Though I’ve been told I’ve already been there, I was about ... Read More »

Sometimes people just get on your nerves…

The day started off with a visit to Christ church college. Something you should know for when you’re there… you’re not allowed to sit anywhere! There are porters all around who scold you for everything! To my great surprise, after having briefly visited the dining hall and the church, we were told that we could ... Read More »

Free time and visit t the Bodleian library!

Today I decided I would not eat eggs and sausage for breakfast anymore. To my delight, fruit and cereal are an option! I just can’t manage sausage at eight in the morning everyday! And I swear I’ve gained at least a kilo since I got here (hmmm… maybe I should stop eating junk food at ... Read More »

London Day!

London Day!

Today we went to London! London is a lot of people’s dream city. You hear about it and see it on movies, so finally visiting it (if you haven’t been) can be really exiting. It’s a little different for me; I was actually born there and have lived there for six years, but since I ... Read More »

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