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Law Academy

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  • Available Sessions: Summer Session I, II, III, IV
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Law Academy

Course Description

Thinking of becoming a lawyer or a judge? Are you interested in international business law, human rights, or criminal justice? Then join our Law School Academy to learn about the different options you will have when studying law at university. Find out about the different law subjects and learn how to work on actual cases.

Laws, regulations, and our whole legal systems heavily influence our professional lives, education system, health care, and many other aspects of our lives. As part of the Law School Academy you will find out how the law impacts on you and how important legal contracts are. Additionally, we will analyse your study options for law in Oxford, Cambridge, and other outstanding universities worldwide.


General Information

Length Each programme is 2 weeks.
Available Dates Session 1: 2 July – 15 July 2017 (session full)
Session 2: 16 July – 29 July 2017 (session full)
Session 3: 30 July – 12 August 2017
Session 4: 13 August – 26 August 2017
Lectures There are a total of 24 lecture hours of seminars and elective teaching, as well as 12 hours of workshops offered during the whole duration of the 2-week-programme conducted by lecturers, tutors, and students of the University of Oxford (UK) and University of Cambridge (UK).
Timetable See sample timetable.
Accommodation The programme is held in the premises of Oriel College University of Oxford (UK) and Somerville College University of Oxford (UK). All accommodation, teaching, and dining are provided within the same general premises. Accommodation is provided as double bedrooms with shared bathrooms making sure that male and female delegates are separated. The programme includes breakfast, lunch, and dinner in the college dining hall and various restaurants for special occasions.
Fees GBP 3,380 – includes breakfast, lunch & dinner, lectures, seminars, excursions, and cultural activities.
Prerequisites Students must be proficient in English and between the ages of 14 – 19. Only high school students are allowed to participate or students who just graduated from high school but not yet attending college or university.
In addition to lectures, there will be many on-campus free time activities as well as excursions to famous landmarks in the United Kingdom including one day in London. Programme Directors and Delegate Advisors will be available throughout the programme to assist our delegates.

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OCSA is a programme designed and offered by CBL International. We are not affiliated with the University of Oxford (UK) or the University of Cambridge (UK) in any way. All academic and accommodation facilities are leased for the duration of the programme from colleges of the University of Oxford (UK) and the University of Cambridge (UK).