Moot Court and Piano Concert - Oxford Cambridge Summer Academy

Moot Court and Piano Concert

Today we had our last law elective. It was sad, Ana is a great teacher and I would have liked to have more lessons with her. At the beginning of the lesson we got feedback on our presentations which had all gone quite well, we then had a moot court. She had given us some cases to read, which unfortunately barely anybody had until this morning. We really didn’t have much time!

After having explained how a moot court works we were divided into teams: four for the appellant, four for the defence and three judges. I was and appellant, problem was I was defending a horrible person. The person I was meant to defend had killed his neighbour with an x-ray machine and given another man illegal drugs that then brought to his death! How are you meant to defend someone like that?

It did though go surprisingly well. The judges actually ruled in our favour (I have absolutely no idea how that happened). Probably because Jason, who was on our team, was the only one who had actually attentively read all three cases, actually knowing how we could use case law in our appeal.

All very sad, we said goodbye to Ana and took pictures of her. We were quite happy to find out she would be at the farewell dinner tomorrow and we promised all promised each other to take more pictures when we were dressed up.

After lunch, we had a debating workshop which I actually didn’t go to. I didn’t intentionally miss it, I just wasn’t sure where I had to be and then saw a lot of people from my elective walking around in college. When I asked them about the workshop, they said they hadn’t gone and I realized I’d missed it. Furthermore, the museum trip later on had been cancelled, so I realized I had all afternoon of free time. Luiz and Alex too weren’t doing anything, and the three of us ended up spending the afternoon in the most unproductive way ever: videogames. To be fair, I hadn’t played Wakfu in ages and was actually tired enough to need an afternoon in bed wasting my time.

We even skipped dinner (games are really addicting!) but made sure to be on time for the evening activity. Tonight’s evening activity was a piano concert, an activity I have always loved. Listening to people playing the piano is very relaxing and I was even sitting in a place where  I could see his hands move along the keyboard.

After that we realized we had actually skipped dinner and were hungry so on the way back we went to a restaurant to have some burgers (me, Luiz and Alex).

There is only one day left and I’m quite sad the experience is almost over. Saying goodbye to everyone is going to be very hard, though I am looking forward to getting my certificate and to the farewell dinner! Time to go to bed (so spend the next few hours chatting with Kimmy).

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