Last day... Farewell - Oxford Cambridge Summer Academy

Last day… Farewell

Today, the last day, started with a workshop on interview techniques and mock interviews. It was very useful, or at least it hopefully will be. To actually get an interview means a university needs to like my personal statement (which I’m convinced will never happen) so if I need the techniques it will definitely be a good thing. The interview questions were very interesting because they tend to test your way of thinking instead of testing your knowledge. I’m so worried about applying, the next is my last year of high school and I have to apply for Oxford by mid October. It’s so competitive and so hard to get in, I’m just so scared of getting something drastically wrong and messing everything up.

After the mock interview (which seems to have gone well) I went out for lunch with Luiz, Joey and Dana. Men are useless creatures who aren’t even able to pick out a tie, or iron their shirts (as I had to explain how an iron works to Huan Carlos later on in the day). I had to pick Luiz’s tie for him… Besides, if it says you’re going to need elegant wear, how can you forget to bring a tie?!

After lunch we went back to college for the vocal techniques workshop and when that was over I realized I hadn’t even started packing. Me and Kimmy’s room was a mess. Everything was everywhere; I didn’t even know where to start to put all my stuff away. I actually ended up packing a very untidy suitcase confiding in the fact that I’m not taking a plane till Sunday and have time to sort it out.

At around four thirty we all started to get ready for the farewell dinner. Everybody was extremely dressed up in pretty dresses and suits. I had somehow lost my make-up; thankfully Kimmy had a lot and lent some to me.

At the ceremony they called us three by three and gave us our certificates, taking a picture of each of us. Since we are 75 people, this all took a while. We were in st. Anne’s hall, the college where we also had dinner.

Dinner was great, very fancy and the food was delicious. We had smoked salmon, sirloin beef and raspberry and champagne torte. We all took pictures and talked to each other. After dinner we went to the yard and continued taking all sorts of pictures. I also found Ana and after taking pictures with her me she told me and Alessia that we could send her our personal statements. I’m very happy about this, she is actually doing her PhD here in Oxford and it’s reassuring to know she’ll read through mine to give me advice.

It is now the end of this wonderful two week adventure at the cbl-international Oxford summer academy. I have met a lot of people, learnt a lot of things and sorted out how and where to apply for university. I am sure I will continue to see some of the people I met here (Switzerland isn’t far away at all from Turin) but am very sad it is now time to leave. I wish we all had more time here, it’s been an amazing experience.

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