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Excursion Day to Bath and Stonehenge

Today was another excursion day: we went to Bath and Stonehenge. We had to be at the bus by eight fifteen… That’s really early. I didn’t even have time to have breakfast! The bus ride to Stonehenge was about an hour and a half. Though I’ve been told I’ve already been there, I was about four years old (yet my parents still expect me to remember!), but I have studied it in history of art and was quite looking forward to this.

As soon as we arrived I ran to get a tea, British weather has really messed me up and I had the worst sore throat. Actually, a lot of us have gotten sick; I guess that’s what happens when you put people from warm countries in bipolar weather.

After that we took a shuttle from the visitor centre to the actual sight and started our tour. As we walked around, we digited the numbers on the portable recorder and listened to the explanations. Stonestonehengehenge is incredible if you consider the amount of work that got put into transporting and setting the rocks. When built they didn’t have wheels yet and there was no hierarchy; that means no slaves.

For some reason I didn’t understand, we didn’t have packed lunches so when in Bath we were given about an hour and a half of free time to eat. I ended up getting some street food (really good fries and meat) with others. It was whilst we were eating that I saw it: The Build a bear workshop. I don’t know exactly how it happened, but me, Dana and Luiz actually ended up going (the I don’t know how it happened actually involved a lot of begging on my part and they too didn’t mind the idea). Long story short: we all got bears… And dressed them up! I now have a teddy bear with Batman pyjamas on my bed.

Losing ourselves in all the sweet and cuddly bear enthusiasm, we were slightly late for the tour of Bath. Thankfully we weren’t the only ones (as usual) and they waited for us. Bath is beautiful, the history is interesting and the architectonic style greatly reminded me of neoclassical buildings in Florence. The guide was also very nice and on the way back to the bus we were chatting about Italy and its art.

After dinner, we had quiz night. Us teenagers are incredibly competitive when there’s a prize, no matter what it is. It was really fun though, the questions were about different actors, singers and random facts and the team I was on won! We actually tied in first place with another team but let’s ignore that and just say we won. It was also great to have to work together for the quiz, I didn’t know a lot of the people on my team so well and it was a great opportunity to learn about them.

Today was all in all a fun day and I’m as usual looking forward to tomorrow. We’re going Punting!

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