Exam day - Oxford Cambridge Summer Academy

Exam day

Today was stressful. Today we had the exam. It would have been fine, it seriously would have… had the teacher not told us the presentation was going to be graded. True, I should have know, but I guess it’s one of those things I voluntarily ignored. I just don’t do well in dealing with stress and anxiety. I always feel like a nervous wreck when I know I’m going to be graded on something and get all agitated and jumpy and just not calm in general.

The morning we still had classes; we finished discussing the EU which was of course interesting, as usual. The problems started after lunch. For the presentations we were divided into pairs and each had to pick a topic, mine and Jason’s was ISIS’ legal state and how it changed international law. We did however make a big mistake: though we had both done individual research and started the presentation, we still had not spoken to each other about it. I literally had no clue what he had written or researched, which was okay, at first… but not so much when we had the presentation in a couple of hours. I really started panicking. Instead of using my revision time to actually revise, I very quickly wrote my notes and finished the presentation, to then start running around campus looking for Jason. I could not find him. I tried the lawn, the dorm, his room… literally everywhere! I was almost convinced he had actually left the college. Thankfully, about fifteen minutes before I was meant to go, I decided to already go to the room we were going to present in (mainly because I had no clue how to get there). I actually found it quite quickly and Jason was right there! He even said he had been looking for me!

All in all the presentations were really good. They were all quite interesting and though very and quite visibly nervous, mine and Jason’s actually went very well. I particularly enjoyed the presentation on rights to the human body, a topic I had already read about several times and that I find quite interesting in its implications.

After the presentations I went out for coffee and then chatted a while with Eleonora, the program director, and Antiga. Eleonora is also from Turin, just like me, and I actually know people from the high school she went to. The world is full of coincidences.

Today’s evening activity was a cultural exchange. We all presented our countries and it was very fun. The boy from Austria did a hilarious presentation by being very ironic about it and from then on a lot of people used irony in presenting the different states. I liked this activity a lot because it highlighted the internationality of this summer programme and allowed me to learn about places I knew absolutely nothing about (like Indonesia).

When that was over, I went back to my room. Not only me though, for some reason half the camp was just hanging out in my room, me and Kimmy didn’t even invite them. I guess it’s  going to be another late night…


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