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Botanical Gardens and more…

I am sleeping way too little. Though I’m having fun, I find I actually have barely any time for myself during the day. I haven’t actually been able to read since the beginning of the week! And if I happen to want some time for myself, I just end up giving up on sleeping; definitely a big mistake… That was the reason I did not only skip breakfast but was late for class. Why do I never hear the alarm?!

Class today was very interesting. We started talking about EU law and how the EU works. As usual, class was not purely theoretical, we simulated passing a law. It was very fun, one part of the class was the parliament, the other was the EU council. After giving us a law to review we had to discuss it and reach an agreement. I’ve already said so but I really do like this teacher. I don’t think I’ve ever been genuinely bored in her classes (half asleep because exhausted definitely, but not bored) and she’s very nice.

After Lunch we had a tour of the botanical garden. I’m going to be sincere: I don’t love gardening, plants, flowers and pretty much anything of the sort. My father is OBSESSED with it and I think he’s just exhausted the topic with me, yet, somehow, I actually found the botanical garden to be beautiful. I particularly enjoyed the area with the medicinal plants. They were all labelled and divided according to what kind of illness they were used to heal. I was proven wrong: even though I thought it impossible I actually liked the garden.

I should have gone to rounders after the tour but decided I would rather go back to campus and rest. I also remembered that I had a presentation to prepare for the law examination tomorrow: a presentation that I hadn’t even started! In my defence, I really didn’t have that much time to think about it.

Unfortunately, that plan didn’t turn out well. I somehow ended up signing out and going to a board game café with Luiz. That was great fun, though neither of us are cut to be detectives. We tried playing the Sherlock Holmes game and ended up ignoring clues and picking the easiest answer which was obviously wrong! Not the job for us.

After the game we ate dinner and went back to campus but we had made a mistake. We had gotten the time for the evening talk wrong and ended up missing it. Too bad though, it seemed interesting and I did want to attend. I did however get the much longed for time for myself and managed to both read and watch an episode of Game of Thrones! I definitely feel much better after this.

I was all ready to go to sleep when I remembered about the presentation… I guess sleep will once more have to wait. I have officially concluded that I have a very serious problem with procrastination.

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